Stomach Stapling

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, also known as stomach stapling, was popular over 20 years ago but it has been largely abandoned by surgeons because of its poor results.

Auckland Weight Loss Surgery can assist with the following alternatives to stomach stapling:

Weight loss procedures are explained in detail in our patient information booklet, available for downloading


I had tried many different ways to lose weight and, although they mostly worked, none of them allowed me to keep the weight off. I am pleased that I chose to have the surgery when I did ( I was a size 22-24 and weighed about 106kg) as I think my skin has been able to shrink with me, mostly. I am happier in myself, able to exercise moreasily and enjoy it better.  As of this weekend I am now a size 12. My confidence has also improved as I see myself as ‘not different’